Energy Certficates- Heat insulation in housing construction  becomming more  transparent!

The purpuse of thr energy certificate is to help home owners and landlords profit on the housing market for energy modernisations conducted on their real estate.

With the possibility of comparing energy requirements and/ore consumption, potential buyers or tenants are able obtain information about the energy efficiency of the building at a glance.

Since July,2008, the energy certificate is mandatory for residential buildings constructed up to and including the year 1965.

The energy certificate provides more transparency and energy savings when renting, leasing or selling real estate.

Potential tenants and buyers may request the landlord or seller to provide the energy certificate and thus obtain information about the energy consumption of the apartment or house.

As of January 2009, the energy certificate is required for all other types of residental buildings.Commercial buildings and other buildings not used predominantly for housing purposes, so called non-housing buildings, will require an energy certificate as of July 2009.
An energy certificate for all new construction is mandatory since 2002!


Source: Federal Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Urban Development