Develpoment areas are subject to binding regulations set out in the zoning plan

That is why it is important to become familiar with the zoning plan before buying land, because having the zoning plan makes it possible to coordinate the wishes and requirements of the new home owner for his new dream house with the stipulated rules and regulations as soon as possible.


The zoning plan stipulates:        Type and size of buildings allowed
                                                          Number of full stories allowed
                                                          Size of surface area and story area
                                                          Size of area unfit for development
                                                          Common roof shapes and slants,colors or materials
                                                          Type of construction and location of parking lots 
                                                           Carports, garages and garden sheds


Anything not stipulated in the zoning plan, may be chosen by the builder without any restrictions, however it must blend in with the environment. You may ask your local building authority, urban planning agency, or community for more information!