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The newest properties

Fully furnished TLA-duplex in K-town City

Basic information:
Property ID: 637
Keltenweg 41a
DE-67663 Kaiserslautern
Life style: House
All-incl. rent: 130 € per day
No. of rooms: 4

Basic information:
Property ID: 643
DE-67685 Schwedelbach
Area: Residential area
Monthly rent excluding incidental expenses: 2.600 €
Living space: 272 sq. m.
Plot size: 500 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 7

Charming home for rent!! Living in Germany's Toscany!

Basic information:
Property ID: 570
DE-67742 Lauterecken
Monthly rent excluding incidental expenses: 1.580 €
Living space: 200 sq. m.
Plot size: 986 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 6