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Entry number 31
18.02.2021, 17:43 o´clock

Mr. and Mrs Adolphus Dennis Thomason
City: Siegelbach, Germany

We highly recommend, Housing for all of your real estate needs, due to the dedicated professionalism of Rudi and his team. We have had a great working relationship over the last five years and any issues or area of concerns with the rental property were responded to in a timely manner. You would be in very capable/reliable hands for all of your housing needs upon your arrival to Germany, if you were to contact this specific organization due to their ability to deliver excellent customer service to the military community and well established reputation.
The Thomason"s
Entry number 30
05.08.2020, 04:01 o´clock

Maxine & Rob Velez
City: Schwedelbach
Rudi & Sylvia have been a pleasure to work with over the last 2years, always very responsive and professional to any work orders or questions we had. In our PSC transition we were provide a beautiful TLA apartment also, with lovely owners. Our time in Germany will be nothing but a great experience all round thanks to wonderful landlords.
Thank you for your friendship and hopefully we will return again, in the mean time we wish you continued success.

Maxine & Rob
Entry number 29
29.04.2019, 08:14 o´clock

Andrew Baker
City: Otterberg
Rudi and the team were extremely professional, thorough, approachable and very helpful in walking us through the process of securing a property in early 2019. Rudi was always available by phone and in-person for any complexity that arose, and we found the entire process to be breathtakingly painless and straightforward. We highly recommend Rudi without hesitation at any level, to anyone looking to secure property in Germany. are among the very best of any estate agent we have ever used.
Entry number 28
16.04.2019, 18:50 o´clock

Adele Collins
City: Weilerbach
We rented the first house Rudi showed us he was able to find the perfect house for us and we just love it. When something needs repair the repair man is there within a day.
Entry number 27
20.12.2018, 22:05 o´clock

Greg Goodman
City: Kaiserslautern
Had a very positive experience the first time I spoke with the realtor. The apartment is very elegant and spacious. The walk in closet was definitely a plus in the master bedroom. Home is very close to Vogelweh Housing, commissary and downtown. I was sold immediately on the location and because it"s fully furnished, all I needed to bring was my clothes.
Entry number 26
13.12.2018, 20:58 o´clock

City: Kusel
Betreuung bei Vermietung durch Herrn Klauth war sehr zufriedenstellend und professionell. Gerne immer wieder !
Entry number 25
25.10.2013, 15:53 o´clock

David Delvecchio
City: Hütschenhausen
I would like to express my sincere satisfaction with Mr. Rudi Klauth and his true desire to make his customers happy. I spent many, many months with Rudi and various members of his team throughout the process of buying my home. The experience was only possible with someone such as Rudi Klauth. We are now coming up on our 2 year anniversarry of moving into our home and remain as pleased and happy as the 1st day. I give full recommendation of Mr. Klauth and his team and should you have any further questions feel free to email me.
Entry number 24
25.04.2013, 10:00 o´clock

Marcus Frank
City: Homberg
Dear Mrs. Sylvia Schauer and Mr. Rudi Klauth,

COOPERATION! I am full of gratitude for your
wonderful assistance. Everything was perfect.
When buying a house, always contact

You are a fantastic time. With your dreams come true!!
Entry number 23
05.03.2012, 09:21 o´clock

City: Ramstein
I had a very special situation that required a lot of leg work. Mrs. Gonzalez worked hard for us to get us into our home, even when things looked grimm, she pushed through and got us into our beautiful home. The housingoffice team really goes above and beyond to assist their customers. This was our first home, and it helped having another woman help when choosing color combinations etc.
Entry number 22
21.06.2011, 02:16 o´clock

Dennis & MarKesha
City: Spesbach , DE
Hello fellow home buyers we just had our home built with the housing with Rudi leading the way. He has provided a service that you can’t pay for. If you want to build a home in Europe I would only deal with Rudi period. Every other builder in the area will give you what they want to give you with false expectations and at the end you will be upset, however Rudi is the truth he will make it plane and you will know what to expect every aspect of the process of the build from all the paper work to the actual design and build as well as the most important part the interface with the financial institution. If you have any question please ask Rudi for my personnel email address and POC. I would love to tell you about the process from my past experience.

Thanks again Rudy for all of your help and dedication to see this process through I tell you from an American standpoint your level of American customer service will get you the deal. Again if you’re ever in the San Antonio area please look us up.

The Knox Family
Entry number 21
13.05.2011, 11:03 o´clock

C & G Lafontant
City: Steinwenden
Our experience with the Housing Office was awsome! Franca Gonzalez was truley a great person to work with. She was very patient with us as we tried to decide on whether to build or buy. She was very accomodating and flexible since we had to bring our baby on many, many home visits throughout the KMC. She was always professional, very open, and honest. We are glad to say that we have found a great home for our family. It"s not just a house... it OUR HOME! The idea of purchasing a home in Germany is very inimidating and should not be taken lightly. However, Franca Gonzlez with Mr Klauth of Housing Office made it as painless as possible. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to buy. We are very, very, very happy!!!!!
Entry number 20
25.04.2011, 08:51 o´clock

Korina & Sven
City: Steinwenden
Liebe Franca,

wir möchten uns bei Ihnen für Ihr Engagement und Ihre Geduld über die gesamte Zeit herzlich bedanken. Wir hatten versucht, dass Haus selbst zu verkaufen, der Ansturm war sehr groß, aber keiner konnte eine Finanzierung vorweisen. Dann haben wir Sie kennen und schätzen gelernt und die ganze Sache in Ihre Hände übergeben. Wir fanden es super, dass bei Ihnen von Finanzierung bis Notartermin alles in einer Hand war.
Die Käufer waren uns von Anfang an sehr sympathisch und wir denken, dass sich hier eine Freundschaft entwickeln kann / wird. Sollten wir nochmals eine Immobilie verkaufen, so werden wir dies nur über Sie machen. ( Ich habe Ihre Telefonnummer )
Wir werden Sie auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen
Für den Service gibt es ein AAA+++

Entry number 19
19.11.2010, 17:13 o´clock

Jeff Frankart
City: Queidersbach, Germany
Franca… In the past 10 years Carla and I have purchase 3 homes and 2 rentals. I can honestly say that working with you has been the EASIEST and MOST PLEASANT purchase of all.

When we planned to look for a home in Germany, there were few things we were looking for in a real estate agent:

1. Great English - yours is better than mine;o)
2. Understanding of the American wants and needs – you are married to an American, live on Vogelweh AB, and have children that go to a DODS school.
3. A pleasing personality – you are joy to work with, you have a witty personality and we were always happy to see you.
4. Good understanding of, and the patients, to teach us the German Real Estate Laws – you are an OUSTANDING teacher and have amazing communications skills and that made us feel in control at all times.
5. Strong advocate for Americans – we felt extremely confident in your judgment and we ALWAYS felt that you were in our corner!
6. Character and Integrity - one of your greatest strengths is your tenacity when advocating for what was agreed upon in our contracts with the sellers. You never shied away from a challenge, and always held the sellers to their word.

We never thought our agent would become such a good friend. We are blessed to have met you and welcome anyone to call us personally if they have ANY concerns about purchasing a home in Germany.

v/r Capt Jeff Frankart, USAFR
GS – Civilian, LRMC, Germany
0160 975 15055

Entry number 18
04.11.2010, 15:05 o´clock

Alex Hubert
City: Sembach
About 1.5 years ago, I decided to have my LQA work for me and look for an opportunity to buy or build a house. My first contact was with a competitor of Rudi and I was not impressed with that vendor professionalism or will to help me towards my goal. Rudi was the second vendor I contacted and he made it his mission to help me towards my goal.

Rudi will help you through all the German paperwork. There is a lot of paperwork and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but as long as you get the paperwork to Rudi, he will take care of it and/or help you through it. A recommendation: take some time to review the loan paperwork from the bank. Have Rudi explain every detail to you before signing the loan paperwork so that there are no surprises during the building process. Rudi will take the time to do that for you.

Take your time with the architect and ensure you know exactly what you are getting in the building contract. We decided to add on a few items and those items were not covered by the building contract. Everything is possible is a true statement, but talk through it with Rudi to help make a sound decision.

If there are questions during the building process, Rudi is your voice to the builder and he answers his phone and that is worth something today. He also returns your call as soon as he can, and he is always courteous and helpful.

The building process is now over and we live in our house. It is a beautiful house and I thank Rudi and his team for making it possible for us to use our LQA towards our own mortgage vice paying a landlord mortgage! Rudi continues to keep in touch and he takes a personal interest to honor his 5 year warranty committment!

If you are looking to build or buy, consider calling Rudi and take a listen to what he and his team of builders offer! It is worth the time and effort!!

Entry number 17
19.04.2010, 00:03 o´clock

T.A Jrgensen
City: Reuschbach
Rudi Klauth can make your homeownership dreams come to reality while you are enjoying the wonders of Germany.

Mr. Klauth ensures that you get the home you desire and takes you through all of the items of your concern from design of the home, the financing as well as the assurance that you have the quality home that you desire while you are living and after you depart.

Rudi has the process streamlined so you have nothing to worry about and be assured you are in good hands by selecting him in getting the home you have always wanted.

Whenever there was something I had a question about, it was taken care of as you can always get onto contact with him.

Save yourself an exorbitant amount of time and go with Rudi in order to get the thought of owning a home in Germany past the dreaming stage and make it happen.

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