Energy not needed, will save money and the enviroment

Approximately 85 % of energy in private households are used for heating and hot water.
It is evident, that this area offers substantial savinggs.
You will use less energy and save heating costs which will give you more money in your pocket and you will also contribute to climate protection!!

Here are our energy savings tips:                                                                        Savings

-replace old refrigerators and freezers with new ones                                =60 %

-use energy savings lamps                                                                                  =80 %

-wash dishes in dishwasher                                                                               =75 %

-install water saving shower heads                                                                  =50 %

-use electric jug to boil water and use the taoster not the grill                  =70 %

-use economy button to flush toilet                                                                   =50 %

-use energy savings function of computer                                                     =51 %

-use Master/ Slave plugs                                                                                      =50 %

-turn off stand by mode                                                                                        =50 %

-fill your washing machine to capacity and use
 the energy savings button                                                                                  =35 %